Literacy across the curriculum


In a recent TLC, we had a CPD on Literacy which made me realise that there must be a gap in my lessons for promoting literacy. Literacy is a part of the Teachers’ Standards regardless of the subject taught, and therefore it is my shared duty to ensure that I am promoting literacy in my lessons for all of my pupils.

I do this currently in a couple of ways such as SPAG marking and creating reading lists for KS5, however I have had a think and there are some other ways to promote literacy that I have thought of:

Independent reading in form time – also thought that playing an audiobook may be a good way to increase pupil’s vocabulary and may be more accessible for some reluctant pupils (usually boys!)

Setting research homework which directs pupils to read certain books in order to find the information

Hosting a reading circle for KS5 or a book club for KS3/4

Book the library for a lesson with KS3 so that pupils are able to gather information from books instead of the internet in order to complete a task

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