There is always a lot said about behaviour management and sanctions, however I feel that behaviour management and rewards is much more positive and effective route to take. I feel that there are many ways to reward positive behaviour and encourage engagement from pupils:

Postcards. I use reward postcards very regularly to praise pupils for good work, positive behaviour, excellent exam results etc. I pick two pupils from every class that I teach per week, and write them a post card that is sent home. I don’t tell them who will be receiving the post card so this encourages some friendly competition between pupils to see who will be able to earn the weekly post card.

Raffles. This is something that I am going to start with my KS3 classes. Any good behaviour or outstanding work earns an entry into a raffle. This can either be on an individual, group or class basis.

Phone calls home. Phone calls to parents are most used for negative reasons, however taking the time to phone home to inform parents/carers of something positive really works in motivating pupils.

Stickers. My KS3 love stickers, and I use stickers as an easy way to reward pupil work or class contributions. I also run the system that three or five stickers earns a house point which is a great motivator for small contributions or effort within the lesson.



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