Why I print titles for my classes


This may seem a bit obsessive, but I print the titles for all of my KS3 pupils with QFLs typed out. I find that this has provided a strong structure to the start of my lessons. All pupils know to come into the classroom, collect a title and stick into their books before beginning the starter. I mainly do it because I hate marking books where the title hasn’t been written neatly, or the QFLs haven’t been written out in full. I understand that sometimes, the QFLs in particular, can be quite lengthy and therefore for some pupils, it can be a struggle to get them written down before the class moves on. So I print them. For every pupil in each of my KS3 classes. And have been doing so for 14 weeks.

However, I have been thinking for a while that this could be made more effective; I am printing these titles every week, but surely there must be a way to actually utilise these titles in the lesson. So I created this template:


The way I am planning on using these is by getting the pupils to put a šŸ™‚ šŸ˜ šŸ˜¦ face or a score from 1 -10 by the QFLs at the start of the lesson and then revisiting them at the end of the lesson. This is an easy way to demonstrate progress. I often get the pupils to answer the QFLs in a sentence at the end of the lesson anyway, so this allows them to justify whether they feel they have achieved the QFLs, similar to the way teachers use LOs.

Another element that I have added to the title is the effort traffic lights. I believe that all pupils need to be encouraged to put effort into the lesson, and by being transparent by indicating how much effort they have put into their work next to the work itself, I think may encourage more effort than otherwise. But we shall see!

It’s my first week of using these new format titles, so I shall report back if they fit well into my lessons and if they are used well by the pupils.

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