Week 14 Update


Week 14 and one week to go until we break up for the Christmas holidays!

I have been ill and signed off work recently, which has really demonstrated to me how being off can impact on the pupils. It has been really nice to be back and have pupils ask if I am better and whether I will be teaching them for their next lesson – it feels nice that they have noticed that I haven’t been there and that they miss my lessons!

I have also been enlightened to how difficult setting useful cover is. When setting my cover, I really want to ensure that my pupils will still learn something, but also not make it be complicated for my colleagues to set out and for the cover teacher to deliver – and that is quite difficult! I have tried to ensure that the pupils are not missing out on learning time and not falling behind in the SOW, especially with KS4 and KS5.

On another note, this term has been so long! I think by the end of it, it will nearly have been eight weeks. Having meetings nearly every evening after school makes my working day quite long. I am now, without fail, at school before sunrise and leave way after sunset. But I am still really enjoying my work, even if some days feel like they will never end!

Over the Christmas holidays, I have some main objectives that I want to accomplish:

  1. Mark Year 11 Health and Social Care coursework
  2. Mark Year 13 mock exam essays (24 35 mark essays – going to be a lengthy task…)
  3. Plan KS3 lessons until Easter
  4. Create KS3 assessments in accordance with new GCSE specs and new ‘life without levels’ grades
  5. Have at least three days, that aren’t Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, where I do NO WORK!

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