Easy emoji plenary


When I am pushed for time in a lesson, a plenary is often the thing that I miss out. However, the wealth of research on how effective plenaries are for helping pupils retain knowledge suggest that plenaries are the one thing that I really should ensure I leave time for. Over the next few posts, I will be sharing some easy generic plenaries that can be used in any subject.

One idea that I have come across which is slightly different from the twitter 140 characters summary and Facebook status plenary ideas is using emojis.

I love exit tickets (will be writing a post on these soon), and emoji exit tickets are a different way of using these. I include a selection of emoji icons at the top of the ticket and the pupils select one of the icons and explain why that icon reflects their emotion at the end of the lesson.

These are useful for pupil reflection and to inform future planning. If a pupil has selected a confused or unsure face, and explained that they struggled with the content of the lesson, it lets you know that you need to revise that content in some way in future lessons.

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 20.50.06.png

Another way of using emojis, and reduce paper, is to put a selection of emojis on the IWB and ask the pupils to select one to draw in their books and write a sentence explaining their selection – this does a similar job, but is slightly more effort to look through each pupils’ response.


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