What stuck with you?

Another easy plenary idea, that I used during my training year but would like to definitely use more now I am an NQT is having a ‘What stuck with you?’ board.

If you have a space in the classroom, create an empty display board. At the end of the lesson, pupils complete a task on a sticky note which they stick to the board when they exit the room. These tasks could be:

  1. pupil reflections of their progress made in the lesson
  2. a summary sentence of most important lesson content
  3. an image that represents what they have learnt

The board could be split into different year groups so that it could be used with multiple classes. Also, the board could evolve into a Wonder Wall, where sticky notes could be added over a few weeks or a unit of work to demonstrate progress and help pupils to see how they are progressing. I would perhaps use different coloured sticky notes each lesson, or display them linearly as a timeline to show how knowledge and skills are developing over time.

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