8 ways to use table cloths in lessons


Plastic or paper table cloths can be bought in pound shops or online very cheaply and are so useful in lessons. Pupils love the idea of writing on a table cloth rather than in their books or on paper and it makes group work more interesting.

Ways to use table cloths in lessons:

  1. Mind mapping ideas from the lesson or as a revision task
  2. Planning essays (either collaboratively or individually all on one big table cloth)
  3. Having different coloured table cloths (see image below) for differentiated activities
  4. In a carousel type activity where different groups present a different part of the lesson content on their cloth and then the class circulate the room using the cloths to collect information
  5. Organising statements into different boxes that have been drawn onto the table cloth
  6. Annotating pieces of work that have been stuck onto the table cloth
  7. Pass the buck style essay writing – pupils move around the table cloth when the buzzer goes and they continue writing the essay of the person who’s seat they have taken
  8. Matching up or linking ideas by writing the key terms and definitions and drawing lines between them




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