Organising my whiteboard

I would always choose to have an old fashioned whiteboard over an interactive white board, and the room that I teach my KS3 and KS4 lessons in does not have an interactive whiteboard, but just a projector. It does however have a huge regular whiteboard.

After the Christmas holidays, I decided that this whiteboard could be put to better use and therefore I took some washi tape and created sections on the board.


I always had CB (call back) and HP (house point) written on my board for me to write names underneath, however I decided that be having these boxes laid out in washi tape would be a better use of the space. I use the bottom Postcard/HP box as a reward box, and often appoint one member of the class as the rewards monitor who is in charge of giving out rewards to pupils who they think has contributed well to the lesson. I use the three boxes above this rewards box as a ladder, with pupils first having their names written in the warning box, then if they continue to misbehave, their name gets written in the call back box and so on. So far, I have found this has worked well.


The other side of the board is now my ‘What stuck with you?’ area, where pupils are free to take a sticky note, write down a reflection and then add to the board. This collection of sticky notes is an easy way to see how ideas are diverse amongst a group of students, and also pupils are able to see what other year groups are learning as this board is used for Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 RS.


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