Ways to use washi tape in the classroom


I love washi tape! It has so many uses and after having bought a set of different colours from Amazon for a couple of pound I have been using it everywhere I can!

Ways to use washi tape in the classroom:

  1. To stick up posters/pieces of work/random bits of paper on the wall without damaging the wall with bluetac or staples.
  2. On the whiteboard. Create different areas on your whiteboard to fit your needs (I have boxes for rewards/sanctions to write names in – see image below)
  3. To link parts of your display (see image below)
  4. Stick feedback or rewards into students’ books. Print off different commonly used comments onto paper and use washi tape to stick into exercise books so that pupils can flap the paper back and still read their work underneath
  5. Stick onto windows. Make your windows a useful part of your learning environment by adding work or displays to the window. Washi tape sticks well to glass
  6. Create a grid to track student progress visually on the wall or on a display board. The washi tape allows you to create straight lines easily
  7. Assessment for learning. Give pupils their own individual piece of washi tape for them to write their name on and they can use these to vote for an answer of a question. You are able to see the whole class’ response quickly and easily
  8. Create mini bookmarks in student exercise books. Take a small piece of washi tape and fold over a page that you want to mark in an exercise book, sticking each end to either side of the page. This can mark good work or work that needs improvement



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