Universal Resources

Universal resources are the most useful for me. Teaching Year 7 through to Year 13 and also teaching two very different subjects in both KS4 and KS5, I need resources that are going to work for me with different year groups and different subjects. Over the past term and a half, I have been creating resources that can be used universally with little alteration and this is what I plan to focus on for the rest of the academic year.

A lot of my ideas come from Twitter or other teachers in the school that I work at; ideas that I adapt slightly to fit my needs.

One of the best teaching Twitter accounts that I have come across from resource ideas has been @87history, where I have got the following three ideas.



Both of these resources have been printed off in A3 and laminated. The peer assessment sheets are used to support pupils in marking each others’ work and giving next steps which benefits the marker of the work, the owner of the work and me – less marking! The keyword grid can be used with all year groups and pupils of any subject.


The boarding/landing card ideas are also from @87history but adapted to suit my KS3 pupils. They are an easy way of showing progress during a lesson and can be used for AfL too.

I also got the idea for my exam review sheet from Twitter (@laura_oleary) which I have made for KS3 and KS4 RS. This sheet doesn’t need to be adapted at all for different classes, but you could add more in depth question analysis for focused AO break down.


My marking stickers are also generic resources that I can use with any class, any subject, any key stage. I don’t use them all the time, but they are very useful for giving differentiated feedback and asking for a response from pupils.


Another resource that I have been inspired to make this weekend is the loyalty card. I have seen a few of these on Twitter (@rhysocorcoran and @misshhale) used for intervention or revision sessions, however I plan on using them to motivate engagement from KS3. As RS is an option subject at the school I work at, and the majority of pupils choose to do History or Geography as a GCSE option (there is only one Year 10 class and one Year 11 class), I want to increase interest in the subject. One of the ways is by encouraging pupils to be actively involved in their RS lessons!


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