Writing on windows

I felt a bit like I was going to be told off for doing this in my classroom (I still might be!), but I have kind of run out of wall space, and I wanted somewhere to create a working display board, so my windows were the next best thing!


I found these chalk markers in WHSmith and they write on and wipe off glass with a damp cloth. If pupils are going to gaze out of the window, they may as well be looking at something useful!

The way that I am going to use my windows is mainly for creating a working wall for Year 10 RS. Most of my display boards are focused on KS3, so I thought that using the windows for the Year 10 topics would be useful. I plan on both the pupils and myself adding keywords, definitions, examples and anything else that is useful for GCSE RS to the windows – the same way that I would use a display board.

I am also planning on adding a grid to a part of the window for a KS3 class competition. The plan is that classes can earn points, and the winning class at the end of a half term will get a prize. I am going to mark the grid out in washi tape and then use the chalk markers to add points for outstanding work, contributions, behaviour – anything that deserves a point! I have seven KS3 classes, so it will have to be quite a big grid but I will add a photo when I have marked it all out.


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