My new classroom!

A new school and a new classroom!

I love displays and think that they are so important to giving a classroom a positive feel.


Displays should be engaging and useful. I think it is important to have displays that show what pupils will be learning throughout the year so that they can get some perspective and context on what they are doing in their individual lessons. I have also added some sticky notes and exit cards from the lessons we have had so far as I hate to throw them away! It is also a good way of recording progress and showing pupils what they have learnt as you move through topics.


This is another new board that I have created, which is to display excellent work. I am hoping that this will encourage pupils to be proud of the work that they create. I will also be sharing the work on the new department’s Twitter page, so that parents can see the amazing work that pupils do every day. I have also some pointers for pupils to help improve their work.

I have also created a tutor board for my new Year 7 tutor board. I have never had a tutor group to myself before, or had my tutor group in my room, so its nice to be able to have a board in my room just for them. Because they are Year 7, I’m sure there will be lots of information to be passed on to pupils so I have included a space for this. They are also currently decorating their own finger prints with information about themselves so that their corner of the room can be all about them.

I’m in the process of creating GCSE and A Level board, so will post them when they are done!


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