Structure Strips

With the new RS GCSE, there is a 12 mark question at the end of each topic question. For a lot of pupils, 12 marks is quite daunting, especially for my Year 9s who are starting their GCSE this year.

I had seen the idea for structure strips on @lessontoolbox on Twitter and thought that they would be a great way to help students structure their longer answers. I think these could be adapted for the 5 mark question as well.

We have chosen to use the MADCOWS structure for the thematic studies paper 12 markers, and a slightly different option for the religions paper, as these only require one religion and not contrasting views from other religions.


I have laminated copies of these and also plan to use them stuck into margins of pupils who need more support to ensure that they understand what they need to do in each part of their answer.

I haven’t used them with my classes yet, but I think that both my top sets and lower sets will find them useful. When pupils are starting to learn the structure of their answers, they need to understand the formula, which is why I think these strips will be useful.

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