Engagement in the classroom

One of my main targets this year is to engage pupils in RE. Many pupils become despondent to RE as they sometimes have a preconception that the purpose of the subject is to preach or convert. I can tell them the benefits of RE all day long, but making them love it for themselves will always be more effective.

  1. Sharing outstanding work within school. I have made this display board to be able to quickly and easily display work that I have taken a photo of. I am planning on including all year groups, including A Level work. The frames are laminated and stapled around the outside so that I can slip work in and change it easily.
  2. Request a selfie. I found this idea from a tweet that @mollyriglin had posted. She was a PGCE student last year when I was an NQT and she has so many great ideas! The pupils love getting one of these pegs to attach to their books for me to take a photo of the work they are proud of and email home. IMG_5712
  3. Making the lessons interesting. I am trying really hard to find a balance between teaching pupils what they need to know, and also teaching them what they find interesting. Pupils love a bit of controversy and something which will spark debate, so I have been including a lot of discussion based questions in my lessons so that pupils feel less spoken to and are given the chance to share their views too.
  4. Using interesting pedagogy. Things are simple as using chalk pens or a beach ball in lesson seem to make pupils so much more interested. @LDNhumsteacher has been so inspiring at using cheap and easy to get hold of things in lesson to give pupils a bit of variety. One of the easiest plenary ideas is getting a plastic beach ball, writing generic tasks on each segment in permanent marker and throwing from student to student.
  5. Asking pupils what they like. My first lesson with all of my KS3 classes involved setting my expectations but also asking them to set me three expectations each. I asked them to write three things that they would like from their RE lessons this year, either what sort of activities or what they would like to learn. If pupils feel like they have some ownership over their lessons, they are much more likely to want to get involved.

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