What is on my display boards?

I really enjoy doing displays and thought I would do a tour of the displays that I currently have in my room.


My first display board is for my KS3 classes. It has an overview of the topics for each year group with images, and I add plenary postcards and sticky notes after the end of lessons because I hate throwing away pupil work and end up with so many (nine KS3 classes!)


This is my key terms board. I think this is essential for gaps in knowledge and also for spelling as some of these words are constantly misspelled by students. If they are on the wall then there is no excuse!


My outstanding work board is part of my engagement strategy. I am going to be displaying student work which is particularly good for a variety of reasons. I am hoping that this will motivate students and they will have a sense of pride when their work is displayed of this board.


I then have a GCSE and A Level specific board. On these boards, I have an overview of topics which pupils find useful for being about to map out where they are in their courses. I also have some model essays and answers as well as specimen exam papers so that pupils are familiar with their exams and the structure of the questions. These boards are mostly for exam technique and tips to improve. Also, having the A Level board in the room where I teach KS3 and KS4 is useful for aspirational and ambitious pupils for additional challenge.


I also have a space on my A Level board for my RE in the News section, where I add news articles relating to RE. This helps pupils to recognise the relevance of what we are learning about.


This is a board which is to show the context of what we are learning. Pupils sometimes find it hard to see the bigger picture and I saw this idea on Pinterest and loved it. I have probably had the most questions and comments about this board than all of the others.


Finally, I have my tutor display board. Around the edge I have these finger prints, which pupils filled in with information about themselves. We also have club timetables and birthdays. My tutor group find this display particularly useful for the extracurricular information that is posted on here.

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