What my department did for open evening

Open evenings seem to be dying out in my area. Only three schools in my borough are holding open evenings this year, compared to all of them doing them a few years ago. I can definitely see why, as open evenings can seem false and a bit of a show which isn’t necessarily representative of the school on a daily basis. However, I find that open evenings show the school in its best light and you can learn a lot about the style and attitude of a school through what it does for its open evening.



However, open evenings are a very time consuming event. I like to go to the extreme with things like this as I love being creative and doing something a bit different. And I feel that the activities I made and the way I presented my classroom really is representative of my teaching on an every day basis.





I made a variety of activities to engage the Year 5/6 visitors and had ten of my Year 7 tutees to run them so I was free to speak to parents. I have prepared Hebrew and Arabic worksheets, an artefacts treasure hunt, chalk mandalas and a large RE trivia board game. All of the activities went down really well, especially as a couple of them ended in a prize.




I had also prepared these lolly tags and parent information sheets to hopefully stick in the minds of our visitors! I am sure that for visiting parents and children, an open evening is quite daunting, however with all the effort that went into our open evening I was keen to ensure that we made an lasting impression!



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